Hostess bars are like the equivalent to the beer bars just oriented towards Thai men. However, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t welcome in these places as a Farang. It’s just that things work a little different to what you may be used to. The girls are among the hottest you can find in Udon, usually white skinned and thin.

Drink prices are similar to the beer bars, however lady drinks means shots usually cost 150 Baht and don’t be surprised if they ask for 5 shots at once. Also don’t be surprised when they aren’t sitting with you all the time and rather standing next to your table and even walking around. Also there is no bar fine at the hostess bars, but that isn’t really a problem since they are all closing at midnight so you can take them out or home afterwards.

The best bars in this category are TinyPimp Niyom and UD Coffee Bar that is divided into karaoke and night club (or how the Thais say: pub).

What Nightlife is on offer in Udon Thani?   We will do page on this subject soon

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